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We understand and appreciate your concerns about the authenticity of the art and antiques you purchase and we hope this FAQ will answer your questions.

Honorable Certificates of Authenticity can only be provided by or for an artist who is still alive, of legal age, and able to sign legally binding documents. In all other cases, the authentication of any work by anyone is never 100% certain, as we explain in our Provenance FAQ, and any such statement can only be made as a courtesy to a client, as a professional opinion, and as we explain in our Provenance FAQ, this is subject to change. Our representation of the work we sell is available for every item on it's listing sale page. Each listing sale page includes descriptions of the work which represent our professional evaluation of it's authorship, quality, merits, and provenance, above and beyond the ways in which the work speaks for itself.

We suggest you print out, and safely store with your other important papers, this online material documenting the sale of any work of art by us to you. This includes, but is not limited to the following documents:

1. Print out a copy of our listing for the sale of your piece, including ALL the pages, on the day you bought the piece, including the final price paid on that day.

2. Store the above information with a copy of the professional invoice we send you as this invoice verifies you paid this price for the piece and that you purchased the piece from us.

3. Store the above information with a printout of our art pedigree, at our Who Are We? link. This information states some of our qualifications substantiating our expertise.

4. Please do read our Art FAQs; they aren't ads and they provide important Art information. You may print out copies of this information however the information is copyrighted by us so please do not reprint it without our express permission.

By following the above instructions, you will create a custom record documenting the sale and purchase of your piece. This custom record is the most thorough and valid method of creating an honorable "statement of authenticity" .  

Again, please forgive this impersonal reply.  You wouldn't believe how many customers ask us for Certificates of Authenticity without realizing we have already provided them with this information and they already have it at their fingertips.

Yes, we do share our expertise; we have a limited amount of time available to assist others with evaluating pieces. We do, however, charge for our services; our expertise took us a lifetime to acquire, cost us a fortune and it's very rare.

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